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College education remains vital, despite enrollment drops

Study after study shows the financial benefits of a college education. The St. Louis business community is pushing hard to increase the percentage of college graduates in the regional workforce. Employers must have an educated local talent pool to draw from. If not, they’ll go elsewhere. Politicians love to talk about the “knowledge economy” and the “21st century workforce.” And yet nationally, college enrollment has actually declined for the last four years. Private, for-profit colleges are taking a beating because some of them have been shown to be debt factories. Most elite universities aren’t having a problem, but some public universities are. Source: Stltoday Website

Help kids make smart college debt choices, Carper says

While Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spar over multi-billion-dollar plans to make a college education tuition-free or eliminate student debt, fellow Democrat Tom Carper says one way to rein in the relentlessly soaring costs of higher education is to encourage students to make more affordable decisions. Carper, Delaware's senior U.S. Senator, was at Delaware Technical Community College's Stanton campus on Monday for one of three round-table discussions on college affordability he is holding across the state. Source: Delawareonline Website Is College Worth It? How One U.S. President Tried to Settle the Question A burning issue for American families, even in 1900. Whether a college education is worth the money, time, and effort is a subject of hot debate these days. But the question is hardly a new one. In fact, it has flared up repeatedly throughout American history, especially in periods of economic woe. Source: Time Website

Establishment Wrong Again: Trump Wins College Educated Voters In NH

Throughout the Republican presidential primary, and we still have a very long way to go, the Republican Establishment has revealed itself to be the nastiest, meanest, smallest group of smugs I have ever come across. I honestly didn’t think people like this actually existed outside of the fictional Omega Theta Pi frat boys in “Animal House.” But exist they do, and these detestable snobs despise their fellow Republicans much more than the likes of a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Source: Breitbart Website

University Partners with Higher Education Expert to Review, Enhance Career Services

As part of Syracuse University’s ongoing commitment to helping its students translate their college education into career and life success, the University has announced an institutional collaboration aimed at reviewing and enhancing its career services operations.
Leading the effort are the Divisions of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, both of which will partner with leadership in the University’s 11 schools and colleges, as well as the central Career Services Office. Source: News.syr Website

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